New Trident Vibes Sour Patch Kids Gum Is Amazing

New Trident Vibes Sour Patch Kids Gum

Flavors: Blue Raspberry , Watermelon, and Redberry

Calories: 5 Calories per piece

Pieces: 40 Pieces per container

Sugar: 0g Total Sugar (1g Sugar Alcohol)

Cost: $3.28 – $4.79 (Varies depending on location)

Earlier this year, Trident Gum came out with three new flavors— Sour Patch Kids Flavors. I have seen these available at my local grocery stores, pharmacies, Walmart, and Amazon. I picked up the Blue Raspberry flavor to try. The flavor seems to stick around a lot longer than other gums I have purchased in the past. Twenty minutes had past and I was still getting the sour flavor from the same piece of gum 

Oddly enough, this gum tastes sweet first, then sour. If you love Sour Patch Kids but tend to eat the entire bag when you give in to the craving, these are a great substitute. If I have more than a couple of Sour Patch Kids, my stomach hurts. This gum did not make my stomach hurt and lasted far longer than a handful of the originals would have. 

Sour food also helps me when I am feeling anxious / overwhelmed. These are easily accessible options for me. 

As far as I could see, these products are available Nationwide in the United States. I could not tell for sure if they ship them internationally. If you have the chance and you enjoy sour candy, you will love this gum. 

(10/10 recommend the Blue Raspberry flavor. It tastes exactly like the blue Sour Patch Kid)

Have you tried this new gum? Let me know in the comments!

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