How To Face Your Fears and Follow Your Dreams

How to Comfortably Face Your Fears / Follow Your Dreams

Facing your fears is scary. The unknown alone is enough to make us doubt ourselves. Whether you are stepping out of your comfort zone for personal growth or working towards chasing your biggest dreams, here are some tips to keep in mind help you out:

  1. Surround yourself with a positive support system

Having a support system is crucial. Facing your fears means you will be feeling vulnerable. Having positive people around you will keep you positive and give you stability. Your support system can be anyone from your family to your friends or even a trusted counselor. Knowing you have someone to talk to makes a huge difference.

  1. Make decisions for your heart

Before you start facing your fears, make sure you are doing it for yourself. Forget about what society or your peers want you to do and be sure this is something that you want to do. 

  1. Realize that nobody truly cares

This sounds harsh at first, but it has helped me so much. I used to think my peers would find my YouTube channel or my blog and make fun of me for it. Though there are mean people in the world, your peers don’t really care about what you do. If you cut your hair, they likely won’t even notice. Most of us are too preoccupied worried about ourselves and how we are perceived to worry about anybody else. 

  1. Think about how you would feel if you gave up

How would you feel if you gave up on your goals? If you would regret it, then you know it is in your best interest to give your dreams a real try. You owe it to yourself to ensure you won’t grow old and look back on your life with countless “what if’s.”

  1. Remember you only have one life

We all only have one life. You may think you are too old for college or to pursue a certain career, but at this moment you are the youngest you will ever be. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself that you end up missing out on life experiences. 

  1. Listen to music

Listening to empowering music can make you feel more positive and confident. Take a look at your current playlist and take off the songs that make you feel negatively. Music has more of an influence on our days than you might think. 

  1. Have a backup plan

It may sound discouraging to hear someone tell you to have a backup plan, but it truly is for your best interest. When you have a backup plan, suddenly the pressure on your shoulders is alleviated. Having a backup plan is like making sure you have somebody standing behind you before you perform a trust fall. 

  1. Keep a journal

Keep a journal / diary while you face your fears. This is an easy way to keep track of your feelings. If you find yourself consistently feeling negatively, it may be time to reevaluate. 

(Make sure the fear you are facing is safe for you! These tips are some I have used for fears like stage fright. Please do not put your life in danger. When I was actively pursuing an acting career, I was so focused on being impulsive so I did not get stuck in my head that I nearly missed some warning signs of scams. Do you research and stay safe!)

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