10 Ways To Read More Books In A Year

How to Read More Books in a Year

If you are a casual reader looking to multiply the amount of books you read over the course of a year, there are some easy ways to help you reach your goals faster. Falling into reading slumps is common, but not impossible to escape. Here are some of the tips I personally use to read more:

  1. Find your favorite format

Personally I prefer physical books. The smell of a brand new book and the feeling of turning the pages helps keep me engaged and never fails to make me feel peaceful. You may find that ebooks are your preference due to the convenience of having it accessible on your tablet with a backlight for night reading. Or maybe you enjoy listening to audiobooks instead. (I know some people argue that listening to audiobooks “doesn’t count as reading” but I disagree!) 

  1. Listen to music

Sometimes sitting alone in my room reading feels uncomfortable when it is too quiet. Listening to some instrumental music helps me stay focused and relaxed while reading. There are plenty of videos on YouTube of instrumental music, some with rain in the background, to listen to. I also like to look up the scores to my favorite movies. My all time favorite is The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’s score. 

  1. Always carry a book with you

You are more likely to read if you have a book around. Though it may seem inconvenient to carry a book everywhere, it will help you reach your reading goals faster. I found that I had more downtime than I initially thought. 

  1. Talk to someone about your current read

Join a book club or talk to a friend about the book you are currently reading. This helps keep the details fresh and adds excitement to reading. I liked reading the same books as my friends and having debates about the story and the characters. It is a lot of fun and motivates you to finish the book faster. Even if your friend is not reading the same book, you can still talk to them about the plot and pick their brain about what they think of the story.

  1. Read books that interest you

Pick up books that are genuinely interesting to you. If the classics bore you, do not force yourself to read them. I read plenty of books that I have aged out of being in the target audience. There are not age limits to stories. 

  1. Find book to movie adaptations

If you are in a reading rut, watch a movie that is based on a book. The books are typically better than the movies due to being the original uncut version, so if you enjoy the movie the odds are in your favor of liking the book. Comparing the book to the movie is also a lot of fun. 

  1. Change up your scenery

If you always read in your room, you may get bored quickly. Try reading outside, in a coffee shop, a library, or even just a different room in your house to keep it fresh. 

  1. Reading snacks / beverages

Staying hydrated and keeping your stomach full will help with your concentration. I would not recommend eating Doritos while flipping through your new book, but drinking some hot chocolate and eating some almonds should be safe. 

  1. Limit your screen time

If you are scrolling through your phone for hours, you will not feel bored. Allow yourself to feel that itch of boredom once in a while. If you know scrolling through TikTok is not an option, you will be more inclined to pick up your book. 

  1. 1 Chapter at a time

Take every new book one chapter, or one page, at a time. Even a little bit of progress is good progress. Take some pressure off of yourself and set an attainable goal for yourself. You can increase the goal gradually from there. Hopefully the end of the chapter will have a good hook to keep you turning the pages and forgetting you are even reading words on a page. 

I hope these help! 

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