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Why I Gave Up On “The Walking Dead”

Why I Stopped Watching The Walking Dead

(Warning: Spoilers Ahead!)

I first started watching The Walking Dead when it was entering its seventh season. All six completed seasons were on Netflix and I binged them to get caught up. The show quickly became my favorite and I couldn’t get enough. I even started reading the comics and playing the video games. Though I loved watching the new episodes live, season 7 was where I started to lose interest in where the show was going. Season 8 felt like a stab in the back. Season 9 felt like a completely different show. Season 10 is where I completely gave up on this series. Here is why:

  • Core characters were killed off

I understand that in a show about a zombie apocalypse people are going to die. It is mostly how the characters died or were written off of the show that was frustrating. You spend so much time getting attached to the main group and watching these characters grow just for all of their development to be wiped away. 

(Major Spoiler Ahead!)

When Carl Grimes got bit and was killed off, that was when I first wanted to stop watching the show. His death was completely unnecessary and felt like a grand waste of such a complex character with amazing potential. This decision was a huge detour from the storyline in the comics where Carl was on the cusp of having a large role in the Whisperers plot. 

  • Not enough time spent with new main characters

When old characters die, new characters have to be added. Unfortunately some characters were cycled through too quickly to even get attached to them. It seemed useless to give new characters a chance when the odds of them surviving more than one season was slim. 

  • There were too many spin-offs 

Watching a show with 10+ seasons is already a huge commitment. This series, however, expanded to at least two other shows (I have lost count) with more on the way. It is too much to keep up with. Having the main series releasing the first half of the season in the Fall and the second half in the Spring worked well. There was time to theorize what was going to happen next, watch the past seasons again, and truly feel excited for the new episodes. This over-saturating of the series was impossible to keep up with and honestly made me feel bored with the show’s concept as a whole.

  • It ran for too long

I think 7-8 seasons would have been long enough to wrap up the show. Maybe it is just me, but once shows run longer than seven seasons it starts to feel like there is no end in sight. No end in sight means no payoff on the horizon. 

  • It did not follow the comics

I am that annoying person always saying that books are better than their tv or movie adaptations. At first there were actually some characters and plot lines that I preferred in the show as opposed to how it went in the comics. It was interesting that they added Daryl and changed Carol’s storyline. Comparing them was a lot of fun. It was nice to have a rough outline of what was going to happen next. At some point around the eighth- ninth season, this was dropped and it felt like a completely different series. 

  • Rick Grimes’ storyline

Rick’s character and his relationship with his son, Carl, was the reason I got hooked to the show in the first place. The father/son dynamic was a fresh and wholesome take on a dystopian series that I loved. After Carl died, I kept watching because I loved Rick’s character and wanted to see him get a happy ending. When the show abruptly wrote him off with the promise of a spin-off movie, I knew I would not be watching the show much longer. 

  • Too many time jumps

Time jumps drive me crazy in shows. I understand that they needed to advance the timeline to use Judith’s character more, but it always feels odd. Judith is so much older and played by a different actress, but the other characters look exactly the same. It gets harder to keep track of the timeline of the apocalypse. I would have thought that after so many years somebody would have made some progress towards a cure or that the zombies would have decayed more. 

I loved this series so much and was so disappointed to see how it turned out. This show got me through my hardest years of high school and I will always love the first 5-6 seasons. I think all of the actors were phenomenal in their roles and brought their complex characters to life beautifully. I truly miss how this show felt in the beginning of its run.

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