The Best Hair Care Products You Need to Try

My Favorite Hair Care Products

Over the years I have struggled to find the right hair care products. Some shampoos irritated my scalp, some heat protectants did not seem to work, and some serums only made my hair oily. Here are my favorite hair care products that I eventually discovered that are perfect for my hair needs:

  1. Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo + Conditioner

Dove has been the best drugstore shampoo and conditioner I have tried for my hair. I use the one for damaged hair and have had great results for well over a year now. The Shampoo + Conditioner combo pack is at Target for only $7.49 for 12 fl oz bottles. At that price, I do not see myself switching brands anytime soon. 

  1. Biolage Ultra Hydra Source Shampoo + Conditioner

When I want to splurge on my hair care, Biolage is the only other brand I trust. It is definitely more expensive at $21.00 for a 13.5 fl oz bottle, but it makes my hair feel so sleek that every once in a while I will pick up a bottle to treat my hair.

  1. Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment

On the days where my hair is frizzy and I do not have time to straighten it, this is my go to product. It makes my hair feel smooth without feeling oily. It only takes a small dollop for all of my hair, so the 3.75 fl oz bottle lasts me a while. This bottle is $5.99 at Target.

  1. Aussie Total Miracle Heat Protectant Spray

At $4.99, this heat protectant has been a life saver. It works great on my hair with frequent styling and has a nice apricot scent. 

  1. Aussie Instant Freeze Hair Spray

When I curl my hair or try an updo, hair spray is a must to keep it looking neat throughout the day. This Aussie hair spray has never let me down and at $3.49 for a 7 oz bottle, I cannot complain. 

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