Why I Decided Against Living in a Big City

Why I Decided Against Living in a Big City

When I was a teenager, I dreamt of living in New York City or Los Angeles. All of the actors and influencers I looked up to seemed to live in those big cities and their lives appeared to be fun and glamorous. However, as I got older, I decided that trading my small town life for the buzz of the city was not for me. Here are the top 5 reasons why:

  1. The cost of living

Though the apartments look luxurious, I could never justify paying more upwards of $6000 dollars a month for rent on an apartment. Mortgages in my home town don’t come close to half go that price tag. I know there are more jobs that pay higher wages in the city, but it is too much of a risk for me to feel comfortable with making that leap. 

  1. The danger risk

It is no secret that more populated cities have higher crime rates. There are countless documentaries, podcasts, and shows that remind us how dangerous life can be in the cities. I would never be able to feel comfortable living in a city where the statistics are astronomically high. As tempting as the Instagram pictures look, I have never been one to take risks. 

  1. Distance from family

Everyone I care about shies away from the big city life. I am too much of a family person to strike out on my own in a life I am completely unfamiliar with. Within days the homesickness would take over and I would be on the next flight home. 

  1. The noise

I have become very fond of the peace and quiet that comes with small town living. There are no sirens to wake me up in the middle of the night. I can sit outside in the morning and listen to the birds chirping without whizzing cars ruining the moment. Having a quiet place to call home helps me feel more relaxed and productive.

  1. Lack of space

I have seen apartment tours of the more affordable apartments in New York City and Los Angeles. I enjoy my open concept room and vast closet space too much to give it up easily. Minimalism works great for some people, but I cannot see myself following that lifestyle.

As the years pass, I find myself changing more and more. When I wanted to live the big city life, I was determined to make a living as an actress. It seemed like the obvious choice to live in a city with so many job opportunities in my field. Now I find more joy in my writing, which I can do from anywhere. A part of me will always yearn for the life I dreamed about as a teen, but realistically I know I could never do it. 


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