“Found” by Margaret Peterson Haddix Book Talk

Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix Book Talk

Title: Found

Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix

Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction

Page Count: 314 Pages

Series: The Missing (8 Books)

Published: April 22, 2008


Thirteen year old Jonah Skidmore and his new friend Chip are sent mysterious letters in the mail. No return address. No signature. No context. Just a series of cautionary letters that they keep secret from their parents. They take it upon themselves and, with the help of Jonah’s sister Katherine, work to unravel the mystery. When their investigation leads them to the FBI and anonymous sources, it becomes more than they originally bargained for.

My Thoughts:

I found this book by accident in a box of books that preciously belonged to my siblings. When the book started off with a mysterious plane landing full of babies, it had my attention. From the start it reminded me strongly of the show Manifest.

Jonah is a strong main character that makes readers genuinely care about the story. His relationships with his friend, sister, and parents are clear and well-developed. Though the premise as a whole is interesting enough to keep you gripped, his personal journey elevates it. The use of time and mystery keeps rage story fresh in this fast paced story.

When I first finished reading Found, I was confused at how abruptly the story came to a halt. Then I found out that this book is the first of an eight book series and it made a lot more sense. The book ends with some closure on the overarching questions from the beginning of the book, but leaves readers with a million new questions in the last few chapters.

I would highly recommend this book if you are looking for a good science fiction story. This is an appropriate story for anyone in middle school or above.


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