All of the Books I Read in September 2022

All of the Books I Read in September 2022

I have been working towards a goal to read 50 books in the year 2022. This was one of my New Years resolutions that I set back in January. With the 4 books I read in September, I am currently sitting at 42 books read this year. Here are the 4 books I added to the list in September:

1. Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

I have read Eclipse once before, but with the autumn season among us I wanted to revisit the Twilight Saga. Earlier this year I read Twilight, Midnight Sun, and New Moon, so I already had the story fresh in my mind.

2. Carrie by Stephen King

This was my first Stephen King novel that I have purchased and read. This book was on my reading bucket list, so I figured the fall time was the best time of year to pull the book off of my shelf. I have already watched the movie adaptation for Carrie, so I kind of spoiled the plot for myself. The idea of the book was interesting, but the book had I different writing style than I usually gravitate towards.

3. Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix

I have seen many movies that utilize time travel, but this is the first book I have read with the premise. This young adult novel was a fast paced book that can be read in a day. I would highly recommend this book for the next rainy day.

4. The Pearl by John Steinbeck

This novella flew by. It reads as a cautionary tale of fortune. The Pearl opens your eyes and breaks your heart in less than one hundred pages. The writing style flows nicely and makes it impossible to set the book down.

What books have you read recently? Comment any book recommendations!


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