My New Productive Morning Writing Routine for 2022

My Morning Writing Routine

I am the type of person who needs structure. Routines help me stay focused and organized, especially in a time of my life where everything feels chaotic. Here is my morning writing routine that I use on most days:

  1. Writing Prompt 

I have a book filled with writing prompts that I use regularly. This helps me ease into writing and think about topics that otherwise would not have crossed my mind. There are also random prompt generators online that are helpful. I also journal at this point if I do not have my prompt book on me or if I have a lot on my mind. Writing it down gets it out of my mind so it is not distracting.

  1. Write a Poem

I like writing poems about topics that are currently on my mind. Poems are an extension of my journal, so I like to write them early in the morning. I have a designated notebook for my poems that help me keep track of what poems are ready to be edited and which can be posted.

  1. Read a Chapter

Reading has always had a relaxing effect on me, so I like to read a chapter of whatever book I am currently reading in the middle of my morning routine. If I have extra cleaning to do in my room, sometimes I will listen to an audiobook at this time to declutter my space.

  1. Notes + Brainstorming

I keep my notes for my books and my blogs in separate notebooks so nothing gets lost or overlooked. I make an effort to keep the brainstorming part of my morning pressure free. Whether I use charts, bullet points, paragraphs, or doodles, I know I can edit everything later. 

  1. Write

Finally I sit down and start writing. I set a goal of writing 500 – 1000 words in a sitting, depending on what I am currently working on and my plans for the rest of the day. This is a goal that is attainable for me, but that also keeps me motivated.

Miscellaneous Tips:

  • Pick out special pens

Having pens that I only use for my book writing helps me look forward to working on my stories. Personally I like PaperMate’s medium felt tip pens. They are bright, glide across the page, and make my handwriting look nicer.

  • Change up colors

Changing up the colors of my pens and highlighters helps me break up my different ideas. Alternating colors also makes the page look more fun and exciting.

  • Listen to music

Whether I am reading, writing, or cleaning up, I need music. I tend to stick to instrumentals to minimize any distractions. 

  • Change locations

If I try to write at my desk all day, I will not be at my most productive. I need to move around and get a change of scenery once in a while. 

  • Get comfortable

A warm blanket, comfortable clothes, water, and a snack are all must haves for a productive writing morning. Some mornings I do not change out of my pajamas until I am finished with my writing. 


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