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Changes I Would Make to the “Gilmore Girls” Revival

Changes I Would Make to the Gilmore Girls Revival

In 2016 Netflix released a four episode revival titled, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. I did not watch the original Gilmore Girls series until binging it in 2020, so I was able to go straight from the season 7 finale to episode 1 of the revival. Like every show, the revival had its ups and downs. As much as I loved the four episodes, there are some changes I would have made to the series personally:  

Warning: Spoilers Ahead for the original series and revival

  • Paris and Doyle’s relationship

When we leave Paris and Doyle in season 7 of Gilmore Girls, they are in a strong relationship. Though they had their hardships, it seemed like they were maturely working through it. There was even a dream sequence where the couple is shown happily living together with children. In the revival, however, they are divorced, co-parenting, and have few scenes shared. This shift was jolting to see after the way they were left in the original series. Since they had pure love for each other, I would have liked to see them in a successful relationship. Paris’s storylines seem to follow the trend of having a shadow of negativity from her relationships to her original rejection from Harvard University. It would have been rewarding to see her successful in both her professional and personal life.

  • Luke and Lorelai’s communication

Luke and Lorelai are notorious for having terrible communication. Their lack of communication created many of the conflicts in the original series. When we left them in season 7, they were beginning their journey back to each other. Nearly ten years later, they are still arguing over parental responsibilities and how their lives fit with one another. Individually these characters have been shown to be responsible, but together they just cannot seem to work things out. I thought for sure that, as they grew older together, that they would have worked out these issues. If not, then Lorelai should have been left with Christopher. 

  • Rory and Logan’s relationship

Rory Gilmore turned down Logan’s marriage proposal in the original Gilmore Girls. Watching her having an affair with Logan while they are both involved in long term relationships was disappointing to say the least. Without the excuse of her youth, it is difficult to root for Rory. I wish they had left Rory single or had her in a stable relationship. The cheating trend is too hard to watch after having such high hopes for her story.

  • Lane’s screen time

Lane Kim deserved more screen time in the revival. She was only shown with her band once and given a handful of scenes overall. I loved her character in the original and was looking forward to how she ended up. Her story has always been interesting from her rebelling against her mother and fighting for her individuality to her becoming a mom and balancing it with her dreams. 

  • Jess’s storyline

Jess has always been a complex character. Though it was nice to see him interacting with Luke again, I was still left curious as to what he was doing in life. Has he written more books? Where does he live? Has he started a family of his own? There are so many unanswered questions that I would have loved to have answered. 

  • More comedy

Part of what made the original series so enjoyable was the comedy that was mixed in with the drama. It kept the show light and helped with the pacing. The revival leaned more towards the drama side. This made the scenes more emotional and serious, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It simply felt like a different show. 

  • Cut the musical 

Much of the Summer episode of A Year in the Life was spent on the Stars Hollow Musical. This musical took up too much time and was at times disturbing. It would have better fit into the series if the scenes had been shorter or if they had included some of the main cast members in the show. Kirk’s character had been shown taking the stage several times, so I was shocked to see him missing from this production. 

Did you watch the Gilmore Girls revival? What were you thoughts on the series?


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