Why You Need Elf’s Putty Primer

You Need to Add e.l.f’s Putty Primer to Your Makeup Routine

I have always kept my makeup routine simple. Primer seemed like an unnecessary step since I had already made a habit of moisturizing my face in the mornings. My opinion quickly changed when I tried E.L.F’s Putty Primer. I bought the matte universal sheer one that is infused with kaolin clay and white charcoal. At $10, I felt good about trying a brand new product. This primer is available at grocery stores, Target— virtually everywhere. 

There is a Matte version, a Poreless one, a Luminous primer, and an Acne Fighting primer. All are $10 each, except for the acne fighting primer which is $12. 

The primer comes in a tub with 0.74 oz of product. This primer made my skin feel smooth and made my pores virtually disappear. A little goes a long way, so you will not have to repurchase this primer too often.

This product elevates even the most simple makeup looks. Even if you are a beginner who only uses a tinted moisturizer, I would recommend adding this primer to your routine. 

E.L.F as a brand has been a favorite of mine for a decade now. They keep their products affordable without sacrificing quality. 

Have you tried this putty primer? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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