The Importance Of Embracing Your Normal Life In 2022

The Importance of Embracing Normal Life

It is easy to get lost in the idea of a perfect life. We are surrounded by highlight reels on television and social media that encourage us to pursue a lavish lifestyle. With a front row seat to our personal life, we see all of the ups and downs of life. Online, however, it seems that those who reach fame and fortune have a life to strive for. Comparing ourselves to celebrities puts crippling pressure on our shoulders. These celebrities and influencers give off the impression that everything in their life is fun and just the way they like it. It is unfair to hold celebrities at fault for these unrealistic expectations— nobody wants the whole world to be aware of their dirty laundry. The responsibility falls on us to embrace our normal lives and be happy with where we are in life. 

– Find beauty in the little things

The ring on your finger does not have to be Cartier to be special. You do not have to have an extravagant trip planned to be excited to start your day. Maybe you found a new drink at Starbucks that you are excited to share with a friend. Perhaps you are going to have a picnic with your significant other in your backyard. There is beauty in simplicity. 

– Pick up a hobby

Hustle culture tells us that we should have several streams of income and monetize everything we can. While this is a good idea if you are in need of more money, it is not necessary. Learn to play piano because you have wanted to since you were a kid. Paint a canvas without expecting it to become a million dollar masterpiece. Take the pressure off of your shoulders and enjoy partaking in a new activity. 

– Set realistic goals

If you want to become an actor, set your goals accordingly. It is unfair to set a goal to win an Oscar during your first year of acting. Statistically speaking, the odds of that goal being met are low. A list actors were fortunate in their connections and being in the right place at the right time. Setting a goal to be cast in a short film is more easily achieved for a beginning actor. Take time to learn and grow. Don’t rush the process- enjoy it. Success will come.

– Don’t compare the mirror to Instagram

There are too many apps that make it easy for people to manipulate their appearance in photos and videos. Do not compare what you see in the mirror to a supermodel’s latest post. There is a hair and makeup team, a skilled photographer, professional lighting, and retouching behind the photo you are comparing to yourself. It is an unfair comparison that will only hurt you.

– Create real connections

You can have one million followers and still have nobody to talk to when times get tough. Focus on creating connections in person rather than likes and follows on social media. 

Life is too short to get stuck aiming for perfection. Sometimes it truly is best to stop and smell the roses. 


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