Physical Books vs eBooks – Which is Better?

eBooks vs Physical Books

Physical books or eBooks— both have their set of pros and cons. Both deliver amazing stories, but which is better?

eBooks Pros:

  • Light weight

A tablet generally weighs less than a physical book. It is easy to throw a Kindle, Nook, or an iPad into your bag to read throughout the day.

  • Convenient for carrying multiple books

If you solely buy ebooks, you never have to worry about reading multiple books at once. Your book collection is conveniently held within the same tablet. 

  • Note-Taking

eBooks allow readers to highlight and take notes in books without it being permanent. With a simple tap of the screen, the highlighter marks disappear and a clean book is returned. 

  • Reading at night

Since tablets are backlit, it makes it easy to read at night. You do not have to worry about keeping others up with a lamp or constantly adjusting a book light. 

  • Lower cost

Digital copies of books tend to run at a cheaper cost than their physical counterpart. Outside of the initial investment of a tablet, this makes it less expensive for readers.

eBooks Cons:

  • No scent

Part of the enjoyment of buying a new book is that nostalgic new book scent. A tablet will never have that new book smell. 

  • Technology

Reading is a great hobby to turn to when aiming to cut down on screen time. Purchasing ebooks means readers will still be using technology and straining their eyes. 

  • Lending books

Lending books to a friend is more difficult with ebooks than with a physical copy. 

Physical Books Pros:

  • The reading experience

There is something special about turning the pages of a book. It feels like a warm embrace— like returning home.

  • Libraries

It’s a shame that libraries are not as popular as they used to be. Opting for physical books over ebooks does not mean you have to break the bank— you can borrow books completely free of charge. Going to a library also gives readers a reason to leave the house and a place to meet people.

  • Book stores

A new book being released will always be exciting, but waiting in line to purchase a brand new copy of a highly anticipated book cements the moment into a memory. Having a physical book also opens the opportunity for getting a copy signed by the author.

  • Collectables

You cannot forget a book if it is sitting on your shelf. Similar to stamps, coins, or figurines, books can be collected. 

Physical Book Cons:

  • Heavy

Physical books, especially hardcovers, can really weigh down a backpack. This makes it less convenient to take along with you to school, work, or on a trip.

  • Take up more space

Avid readers who choose to purchase physical books will eventually have to invest in a bookshelf or some other piece of furniture to hold their books. 

  • Wear with age

As physical books age, the pages eventually become worn. 

Personally I am a fan of physical books. While I can appreciate the convince of ebooks, it simply does not feel the same. 

Which do you prefer? Let me know in the comments!


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