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My Favorite Snacks to Keep On Hand

My Favorite Snacks

Healthy meals are important, but it is also good to keep healthy and delicious snacks around the house for times where you need an extra boost of energy throughout the day.

– Yasso frozen yogurt bars

I have always love pad frozen yogurt and Yasso is a great brand. I love the convenience of their ice cream bars. They have delicious flavors with my personal favorite being the mint chocolate chip.

– Mochi ice cream

I have not tried a flavor of Mochi that I did not like. My favorite flavor so far is the strawberry. It is so refreshing that I end up picking it up at the grocery for a treat.

– Outshine fruit bars

I like to keep these on hand in the summer months in particular.

– Greek yogurt bars

The brand Clio has some delicious Greek yogurt bars that are covered in dark chocolate. Greek yogurt used to taste too tart for me, but these bars helped me gradually adjust my tastebuds.

– Nutrigrain bars

Apple cinnamon, blueberry, and strawberry Nutrigrain bars are staples in my cabinet. Whether it is a last minute breakfast or a mid-day snack, these are great.

– Baby carrots

Baby carrots are a great snack to eat raw with some peanut butter or boiled on the stove.

– Apples

Golden delicious apples are my favorites, but red delicious and Granny Smith are also frequently on hand in my kitchen.

– Wheat thins

Sometimes you just need some crackers to settle an upset stomach. I personally prefer wheat thins and also use them as a substitute for potato chips when snacking.

– Popcorn

Popcorn is not only for the movies. I like to buy the single serving bags of kettle corn.


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