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My Marvel Movie Concerns

My Marvel Movie Concerns

I was late to the game when it came to becoming a Marvel fan. I started intentionally watching the films after Avengers: Infinity War was released. Catching up on the entire Infinity Saga was time consuming, but felt rewarding as it built up to Avengers: Endgame. Moving forward, I do have some concerns for the franchise.


– The amount of content

To get the full story of the new Marvel movies being released, fans still have to watch the Infinity Saga as well as the new shows on Disney+ and movies that have been released since. Now that shows like Daredevil and Agents of Shield have been moved from Netflix to Disney+, there is even more time required. This makes it difficult for those new to the franchise. Becoming a Marvel fan is now more of a time consuming commitment.

– Magic rules

In prior years, Marvel seemed to focus on tech as that was Iron Man’s strength. After his character was written out, the focus was turned to magic. So far it seems as though the magic rules are not as concrete. We see Stephen Strange struggle to open a portal in Doctor Strange, only succeeding when his life depended on it. However, in Spider-Man: No Way Home Ned Leeds opens portals effortlessly.

– Plot writing

The new focus on the multiverse brings on more questions than it answers:

How can some characters travel between universes while others cannot? We see The Vulture from Spider-Man: Homecoming appear in Morbius without any explanation.

How come some variants of characters look exactly the same while others are drastically different?

Is the Sacred Timeline still a thing? If so, why were Peter Parker and Stephen Strange allowed to cast the spell that threw multiple universes into chaos?

– New heroes

I am all for a new generation of heroes, but the ones Marvel is focusing on are merely ghosts of the original Avengers.

Sam Wilson had his own identity as The Falcon, but is now the new Captain America.

Bucky Barnes had a whole storyline about overcoming his past as The Winter Soldier, yet is still referred to as such.

Yelena Belova is stepping into Natasha Romanoff’s shoes as the Black Widow.

Kate Bishop is becoming the new Hawkeye.

History is very much repeating itself in the series. I was a big fan of how they handles Spider-Man’s storyline and how he was compared to Iron Man. In the absence of Iron Man, they allowed Peter Parker to grieve and wrote in a story to force him out on his own without the luxurious technology associated with Tony Stark. This brings back the image of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man using his intelligence to make the best of what he has accessible to help people.

I am a big fan of the Marvel franchise and am looking forward to watching Wakanda Forever, but I have been losing motivation to keep up to date with the films. I genuinely hope the minor issues get ironed out. In the meantime, they will not stop me from watching the new content and going back to enjoy the Infinity Saga.

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