5 Important Life Lessons I Wish I Knew Sooner

Five Lessons I Wish I Knew Sooner

As we get older, we naturally get wiser. Sometimes we simply cannot believe something until we experience it firsthand. Whether you would consider it stubbornness or naivety, some things we have to learn the hard way. Here are the five lessons I wish I had learned the easy way:

  1. Friends will come and go— get comfortable being alone.

Hearing that you will not always be inseparable from your best friend is a tough pill to swallow. Sometimes it is simply that time and responsibilities will prevent you and your friend from seeing each other as frequently. In other cases, you might get into a fight that breaks the connection. Regardless of the situation, it is important to be comfortable and happy in your own presence. 

  1. There will be pros and cons to everything— follow your heart.

Whether it is a new job, a school, or a relationship, you could make a pro and con list for hours. It is remarkably easy to talk yourself out of something you once convinced yourself you wanted with your whole heart. Learning to ignore the excessive noise in your head and follow your heart will facilitate decision making. Focusing on the negatives and overthinking everything is only a recipe for a headache. 

  1. You will never please everybody— make yourself happy.

Growing up, it might have felt good to make your parents, friends, teachers, or coaches proud. As great as that feeling is, it is important to not prioritize somebody else’s approval for the actions you take for your own life. Do what you feel is right in your life and follow the path that makes you happiest. Many people have an opinion on your life, but deep down do not care. The bottom line is that what you do with your life and how you feel effects you. 

  1. You can always make more money— don’t place it above everything. 

Money is great- nobody will deny that. Money allows us to purchase anything from lavish gifts and experiences to the most simple necessities in our lives. As amazing as it is to see the money in your account adding up, it is important not to focus on it too much. The phrase “money can’t buy happiness” is immensely popular for a reason. Sometimes the job that pays two dollars less an hour is better for your work-life balance. Sometimes the company offering you a promotion is the same company overlooking every case of harassment. 

  1. It is okay to fall down— you can stand back up.

It is impossible to get through life without making any mistakes. Some mistakes aren’t even our fault. Learning how to stand back up after a failure will make your life easier. If you go through your entire life afraid of the fall, you will never take a leap of faith. Failure is scary, but missed opportunities are far worse. Failure opens so many doors for you. Without failure, there is no progress. Do not waste your energy running from it. 

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