Advice For Anyone Who Is Heartbroken

To Anyone Going Through a Heartbreak

Everything hurts right now. It hurts to breathe, it hurts to eat— you may feel pain in ways you have never experienced before. Pain that you know you should never have to experience is crippling you. Your routines are probably all out of whack right now. Though you won’t believe this now, it does get better. 

Do not spend these days isolating yourself. Your pain is not a burden to anybody. Spend some time with your family and friends. Hug a puppy if you are able. Turn back to your hobbies and fill your days with light. Put some well deserved time and energy into yourself.

Most importantly, be easy on yourself right now. Your heart is still an open wound. It is going to take time for the rough edges to heal. Like any other injury, patience and care is necessary for a while after the initial impact.

Many people think that the opposite of happiness is sadness, but that isn’t necessarily true. In the absence of joy, you will likely feel numb. You may watch a movie that used to make you laugh only to have the overwhelming urge to cry as you remember sweet moments that are now memories. Do not panic— this is normal. There is nothing wrong with you. You are not something broken that needs to be repaired. You simply are going through a challenge that you need to overcome. 

It is said so much that it can sometimes sound insulting, but make an effort to find the good in every day. If you look for light, you will see that the sun still shines behind the curtain of clouds. If you lock yourself inside with the curtains drawn, it can become too easy to convince yourself all there is to life is darkness. 

Though your mind may be focused on the past, will yourself to focus on the present and the future. There is something to be learned from every yesterday. Take your time to reflect, but do not dwell on the “what ifs.” Keep moving forward. You will find that the sun continues to rise each and every morning. Life goes on. You will continue to grow wiser as you learn from mistakes and heartaches. 

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