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I Finally Watched “The Notebook”

I Finally Watched The Notebook

Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead! 

This weekend I decided to watch The Notebook on HBOMax. This movie has been on my watch list for years and I wanted to see what all the hype was about. Based on what I had heard about the movie, I was expecting to have my heart broken and spend the afternoon crying and eating ice cream. That was not the outcome I wound up with. 

Let me preface this by saying that I cry a lot when watching movies. The Fault in Our Stars, Five Feet Apart, The Hunger Games— I cry at practically every movie. When I turned on The Notebook, I was expecting to run out of tissues. At the end of the movie, my eyes were completely dry. 

I found the plot of this movie to be sweet rather than sad. The Notebook shows a very real situation of young love and the trials individuals go through to find themselves and figure out who they want to spend their lives with. When I was watching their love story play out, I knew they would end up together. Their story was simply told to the very end. In movies and books, the story usually ends when the couple gets their happily ever after. Noah and Allie end up together in their dream house and start a family of their own. The movie, however, continues to their deaths. 

The end of this story was more beautiful than sad to me. They got to be together to the very end. Neither of them had to know life without the other. Though death scenes are always sad, the scene at the end of this movie was quick and ended rather abruptly. 

All in all I adored this movie. It certainly lived up to its hype of being a beautiful love story. The acting was phenomenal, the characters and their stories were brutally realistic, the costuming was gorgeous— I could rave about this movie for hours. It is definitely a film I would highly recommend and watch again. The only thing that stuck out to me as odd was how quickly the deaths of Noah’s friend, Fin, and Noah’s father were glossed over. I was expecting Allie and Noah to reunite at one of their funerals. 

Since this film is based on the Nicholas Sparks novel, I am now moving The Notebook from my movie watch list to my reading list. I love when books are adapted to movies so I can compare and contrast them. 

Have you watched The Notebook? Did this movie make you cry? Let me know in the comments!

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