Top 10 Sia Songs You Need to Listen to Now

Top 10 Best Sia Songs

Sia’s songs have been a part of my playlists for over seven years now. Here are my top 10 favorites:

  1. Fire Meets Gasoline

Fire Meets Gasoline is not only my favorite song by Sia, but it is one of my favorite songs of all time. The song is absolutely beautiful with story driven lyrics. This song details a relationship that seems doomed to burn bright and dangerously fast. It reminds me of a first love— a connection so overwhelming, it is almost addicting. 

  1. Unstoppable

Unstoppable is an empowering song that is a great motivator. If you are looking for a song to put on your workout playlist, this is the perfect pick for you. Unstoppable describes a person breaking down and suffering in private while putting on a brave face in public. 

  1. Elastic Heart

Elastic Heart, also featuring Diplo and The Weeknd, came to my attention when it was put on the soundtrack for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. This song is all about resilience; staying strong despite painful circumstances. It was the perfect song to put on the Catching Fire soundtrack.

  1. The Greatest

The Greatest is all about facing obstacles with confidence. There is a version that features Kendrick Lamar, but I prefer the version with only Sia’s vocals. This is a personal preference, but I feel that there is more of a continuous story being told in the solo version. 

  1. Snowman

Snowman first came to my attention when it started trending on TikTok. This song has brilliant rhythm and is fun to sing along to. This is a beautiful holiday song that describes unconditional love in a relationship. 

  1. Bird Set Free

Bird Set Free is the perfect song to sing when it feels like the weight of the world is crushing your chest. The lyrics describe the feelings of being broken and ignore for too long, then finally speaking your mind and gaining self confidence. It reminds me of a quote that my English teacher had in her classroom, “Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.”

  1. Helium

I love that Helium describes leaning on somebody as a positive. So often we are encouraged to be independent. The brutally honest truth is that we cannot do everything alone— we aren’t meant to. The lyrics detail a person wanting to be strong enough to do everything alone, then admitting that even the strongest people around us need somebody to lift them up sometimes. 

  1. Move Your Body

Move Your Body was used frequently in my dance classes when we were warming up. I would highly recommend this song to get your energized for any workout you are planning on participating in. 

  1. Alive

Alive is a hauntingly relatable song about going through hardships and coming out of them imperfect, but alive. Sometimes the person we become to survive a situation is not the person we want to be. Staying locked in your head can feel safer than focusing on the reality of your life around you. Surviving a difficult or dangerous situation is an accomplishment. This song illustrates that you do not need to come out perfect and on top of the world to be proud of yourself. 

  1. Breathe Me

Breathe Me is a chilling song. The lyrics are vulnerable and illustrate the reality of reaching out for help when the person hurting you is yourself. This song sounds so delicate and brings me to the verge of tears whenever I hear it. 

Do you listen to Sia’s music? Comment your favorite Sia song.

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