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“Criminal Minds: Evolution” New TV Review

Criminal Minds : Evolution 

On November 24, 2022 the revival of the hit show Criminal Minds released their first episode on Paramount+. It is labeled as the sixteenth season on Paramount with the first 5 episodes now available for streaming. Being a huge fan of the original series, I knew I would have to check out these new episodes. 


Many of the original characters are back for Evolution. As nice as it was to see JJ, Emily Prentiss, David Rossi, and Luke Alvez, it was clear that something was missing. When I watched episodes from the original 15 seasons again, it made me realize that Dr. Spencer Reid, Derek Morgan, and Aaron Hotchner left impossible holes to fill in the team. These missing characters rounded out the show and carried many of the lighthearted scenes. 


This season turns the attention to the killers. The new approach reminded me of the new Jeffrey Dahmer series on Netflix. We get to see different aspect of the criminals’ lives in detail, with one in particular being put into a main character role. From a comfort standpoint, I prefer the original approach where the criminals were the clear antagonists. This season also looks to be more graphic in violence than the previous episodes. 

Personal Lives:

We get to see more of JJ’s home life, but not the other team members. I like the approach of seeing these characters outside of work, so I am hoping that the upcoming episodes will show more of the other team member’s lives. With the added focus on the killers’ lives, this would balance out the darkness. 


The acting from the main cast is fantastic- which I had expected. These actors seemed to fall back into their respective roles naturally. 


It was a relief to see the old offices being used again. However, I miss the scenes on the jet. I’m not sure if this was omitted due to budgeting conflicts, but the jet was a constant in the original series. Most of my favorite scenes took place while the team was traveling on the jet. 

All in all I was beyond excited to see that one of my favorite shows was being brought back. I will definitely be tuning in when new episodes begin to be released on January 12, 2023. 

If they do end up bringing back characters like Hotch and Reid, I hope the writers give them happy endings to their storylines. 

Are you a fan of Criminal Minds? Have you watched this revival? Let me know in the comments!

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