5 Simple Ways to Fight Burnout

How to Fight Burnout

Burnout is defined as the physical and emotional exhaustion that is caused by stressed. Work, school, side hustles— burnout can attack from anywhere. Knowing how to prevent becoming burnt out is the best way to fight this particular challenge. Here are 5 ways to help you fight burnout:

  1. Stay fed and hydrated

Food is fuel. Make sure you’re taking care of your body throughout the day, especially when you are busy. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times. Listen to the cues your body gives you. If your stomach is growling, eat a snack that is going to boost your energy. Skipping meals is not going to do you any favors when you are trying to have a productive day. 

  1. Take breaks

It may seem counterproductive to take breaks when you have a lengthy to-do list, but it is imperative that you allow your body to rest. This is particularly important if you are working on tablets or computers. Staring at a screen for hours on end is going to strain your eyes over time. Look away from the screens, stand up and stretch, or even take a nap to restore your energy. You may fall a few minutes off of your intended schedule, but your body will thank you. 

  1. Stay well rested

Pulling an all-nighter may seem like an efficient way to get a task out of the way, but it is not going to be good for your body. You need sleep. Give your brain the rest it deserved. Anything less than six hours a night is likely going to leave you groggy in the morning. Taking an extra hour to sleep will allow you to stay better focused throughout your workday. 

  1. Laugh

Positivity is magical. During one of your breaks, take time to let go and have fun. Call a friend and unwind for even a few minutes. Turn on your favorite episode of The Office. Whatever works for you, laugh every day. We need balance in our lives. It is admirable to attack your goals head on, but make sure you are enjoying it. 

  1. Set attainable goals

Do not set yourself up for failure. If you have never gone running before, do not set a goal to run a marathon in a week. If you have never held an instrument before, focus on learning a few chords before setting a goal of perfecting the entirety of your favorite song. There is always room for improvement later down the line. Setting goals that are possible to achieve in your given timetable will help you stay positive and working hard. When we know our hard work is paying off, we are more likely to stay motivated and disciplined. 

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