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What to Watch on Paramount Plus During Jan. 2023

What to Watch on Paramount +

With so many streaming services on the market, it can be difficult to keep track of which shows and movies are on what platform. At the end of 2022, I tried Paramount+ for the first time. Here is my top 10 list of shows and movies to watch on the platform. 

  1. Criminal Minds / Criminal Minds Evolution

Criminal Minds was my main motivation behind trying out the platform. After the first twelve seasons were removed from Netflix, I have been missing the show. I own the box set of DVDs, but it is easier to stream the show. I was content with the discs until I heard that there was going to be a new season being released, Criminal Minds Evolution. This new season has made the streaming service worth it. 

  1. Top Gun / Top Gun Maverick

Top Gun is a great movie that everybody can enjoy. Top Gun Maverick somehow elevated the premise and produced an even better sequel. Both are available to stream on Paramount. If you haven’t seen either film yet, I highly recommend you watch them in order. 

  1. Survivor

If you are in the mood for reality television, Paramount is the place to go. They also have The Amazing Race and Big Brother available, but Survivor has been my favorite reality show to watch for years. Every episode you can think of is readily available with the click of a button.

  1. Grease

Want to watch a musical? The hit classic Grease is on Paramount. This is a must watch for anybody interested in theatre. The music is truly electrifying and the storyline is entertaining. 

  1. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

I have not yet watched this movie, but it is a romantic comedy that has been on my watchlist for a while now. I was excited to find it available to stream. 

  1. Are We There Yet 

This movie is one that brought me back to my childhood. It is truly chaotic and a lot of fun to watch, especially when you are having a bad day. 

  1. Rugrats

Rugrats is great, especially if you are babysitting. You have a show that is age appropriate for any child while simultaneously being a fun blast from the past for you. 

  1. Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf was one of my favorite shows when I was in high school. I never got to finish the series, and now I can before the new movie comes out this month. The new movie will also be premiering on Paramount+, so it all stays in one place. 

  1. Instant Family

This is another movie I have yet to watch and am excited to finally check off my list. I enjoy family oriented movies like this. 

  1. Saving Private Ryan

Lastly, Saving Private Ryan is another movie I have been wanting to watch. I had it marked on Netflix months ago, but it was removed before I got around to watching it. It was nice to see it pop up on Paramount so I don’t have to miss out. 

Do you subscribe to Paramount+? Which streaming service is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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