“Soulmates” Poem of the Day (2023)


By Ashley O’Hare


It is a beautiful theory

that insinuates there is someone

perfectly created to match you

and someone to complement me.

This idea that a connection

has been written in the stars

has yet to be proven.

There have been positive testimonies

and mocking arguments disputed.

For every answer

there are countless questions:

Who decides what two people belong together?

Do we still have free will in relationships?

Could I be happy with someone different?


It is a beautiful theory

I firmly believe in.

2 thoughts on ““Soulmates” Poem of the Day (2023)”

  1. Oddly, I don’t belong to that school of thought that says to each there’s a predestined soul.
    I feel humans, being emotional beings, make do with what’s within their reach. Some get lucky with their match, some don’t. When we do get lucky the theory of soulmate is rekindled & entertained. When it otherwise, we long for the one or discard the hypothesis out of frustration.

    Thanks for sharing.
    More ink to your pen 😉

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