“Ranking “Harry’s House” – Harry Styles’ New Album

Ranking Harry Styles’ Album “Harry’s House”

Like everybody else in the world, I have always loved listening to music. However, I never really listened to entire albums. I grew up in the music streaming phase, so I missed out on the era of going out to the store to buy a new CD for my car. My current vehicle does not even have a CD compartment. Instead, I would add my favorite songs to a Spotify playlist and listen to the songs that the algorithm recommended at the bottom. 

Harry Styles is an artist I have been listening to casually for years— since he was in One Direction. Since he won Album of the Year at the Grammy’s, I wanted to check out his latest album as a whole. 

Before listening to the album, I thought this would be my ranking based on the titles alone:

  1. Daylight
  2. Matilda
  3. Satellite
  4. Late Night Talking
  5. Cinema
  6. Daydreaming
  7. As It Was
  8. Love Of My Life
  9. Keep Driving
  10. Boyfriends
  11. Music For A Sushi Restaurant
  12. Little Freak
  13. Grapejuice

After listening to the songs, this is my new ranking:

  1. Matilda

I can see this song being relatable and healing for many people. It is a vulnerable song that beautifully illustrates how it feels to grow up and make difficult decisions for yourself. 

  1. Little Freak

This song is fantastic to put on in the background for reading or studying sessions. It shows off Harry Styles’s smooth vocals beautifully. It is impossible to listen to this song without singing along. 

  1. Late Night Talking

This upbeat song is one of my favorites by Harry Styles. It is a fun song to listen to while getting ready in the morning since it is so energetic.

  1. Love Of My Life

Love Of My Life is a lovely song from beginning to end. It starts off strong and engaging and ends with a beautiful piano solo. I think this is a strong song for Harry Styles that shows off his vocal range. 

  1. Satellite

Satellite is an uplifting song that feels freeing and fun. 

  1. As It Was

This song has been everywhere on the radio and all over social media. No matter how many times it comes up, I will not be skipping it. This song feels nostalgic and makes you reflect. 

  1. Daylight

Daylight is not my go-to song to play when I have chores to do. This is a sweet song that beautifully utilizes an instrumental background. 

  1. Boyfriends

I love the acoustic guitar used in Boyfriends. Any song that is story-driven like this one is automatically moved to my playlist. 

  1. Grapejuice

This song is so relaxing, it feels like a warm springtime morning. 

  1. Music For A Sushi Restaurant

This song is fun for a driving playlist. It has a fun, groovy beat and is unlike any other song currently on my playlist. 

  1. Keep Driving

Keep Driving is incredibly calming and smooth. 

  1. Cinema

Cinema belongs in a movie. It is perfect for casual listening and has a funky shift at the end of the song that is very unique.

  1. Daydreaming

This is a great song to play during a party or a get-together.

Overall I enjoyed this album. Harry Styles has a great voice and is an amazing songwriter. As much as I liked the songs on this album, Falling is still my all time favorite song by Harry Styles. 

Do you listen to Harry Styles? What was your favorite song off of the Harry’s House album? What is your favorite Harry Styles song overall? Let me know in the comments!

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