Best Snacks for a Productive Day

My Favorite Snacks for a Productive Day Proper nutrition and hydration are important when you are looking to get a lot of work done. When you have a jam packed schedule, it can be easy to mistakenly skip meals or ignore your hunger cues. Here are my favorite snacks that are delicious, filling, and easily… Continue reading Best Snacks for a Productive Day


New Toppings to Try on Your Salad

Salad Toppings to Try Whenever we want to eat healthier, a salad is one of the first food dishes to pop into our minds. On their own, they are delicious and nutritious with the vitamins and minerals packed into different vegetables. The downside of turning to salad is running the risk of getting bored of… Continue reading New Toppings to Try on Your Salad


My Favorite Summer Smoothie Recipe

Favorite Summer Smoothie Recipe This summer, I have been loving drinking smoothies in the mornings. My favorite recipe is filled with vitamin c. I like to use frozen fruit in my smoothies, but you can use fresh if you prefer. 1 Cup of Mangoes1/2 Cup of Blueberries Orange Juice Measure the orange juice to your preferred… Continue reading My Favorite Summer Smoothie Recipe

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Kitchen Tools Well Worth the Money

Kitchen Tools Worth the Money The older I get, the more I find myself enjoying spending time in the kitchen. Here are five tools that I get the most use out of in my household. 1. KitchenAid Mixer  With a price tag of over $300, this is the most expensive gadget on my list. I… Continue reading Kitchen Tools Well Worth the Money


How to Cook Turkey Burger

How I Cook Turkey Burger Ground turkey burger has quickly become a staple in my grocery cart. Between the affordability, taste, and diversity of meals- it is my favorite go-to.  I like to season my pan ahead of time with: SaltPepperItalian SeasoningChivesGarlic SaltBasilCilantro Cook your turkey burger on high, scooping out any grease necessary along… Continue reading How to Cook Turkey Burger


5 Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas

5 Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas Whether you are running late for school/ work or you just don’t want to spend a lot of time cooking breakfast in the morning, here are some of my favorite breakfast ideas that take little time to prepare! Greek Yogurt On it’s own, Greek yogurt is already delicious and… Continue reading 5 Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas


Banana Smoothie Recipe

This banana smoothie is super easy and delicious! All you will need to make it is: Frozen BananasVanilla ExtractMilk of your choice (I use 1% milk)Ground Cinnamon Blend together your frozen bananas, a pinch of vanilla extract, and add milk as needed to your preferred consistency.Once it is blended to your preference, top with some… Continue reading Banana Smoothie Recipe


Easy Fruit Smoothie – Dairy Free

Easy Fruit Smoothie - Dairy Free This Fruit Smoothie recipe is the simplest breakfast for those busy mornings when you need something on the go. All you need is: A blenderFrozen fruit of your choiceOrange Juice Fill the blender with the fruit of your choice and add in the orange juice. If you prefer more… Continue reading Easy Fruit Smoothie – Dairy Free