Delicious Blueberry Peach New Smoothie Recipe

New Smoothie Recipe I am always experimenting with different smoothie combinations to keep my breakfast fresh. Though we are now in the Autumn season, this smoothie tastes like summer— almost like a blue Jolly Rancher. It is super quick and easy to make, even on busy mornings. I use frozen fruit because it is easier… Continue reading Delicious Blueberry Peach New Smoothie Recipe


5 Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas

5 Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas Whether you are running late for school/ work or you just don’t want to spend a lot of time cooking breakfast in the morning, here are some of my favorite breakfast ideas that take little time to prepare! Greek Yogurt On it’s own, Greek yogurt is already delicious and… Continue reading 5 Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas


Banana Smoothie Recipe

This banana smoothie is super easy and delicious! All you will need to make it is: Frozen BananasVanilla ExtractMilk of your choice (I use 1% milk)Ground Cinnamon Blend together your frozen bananas, a pinch of vanilla extract, and add milk as needed to your preferred consistency.Once it is blended to your preference, top with some… Continue reading Banana Smoothie Recipe