How to Get Better Sleep

How to Get Better Sleep Sleep is always important. A good night’s sleep will set a positive tone for the day ahead and lead to better health. Here are five ways to get better sleep: 1. Use “Do Not Disturb” Ideally a silenced phone would be best to ensure no notifications interrupt your rest, but… Continue reading How to Get Better Sleep


The Great Dangers of Social Media

The Dangers of Social Media Social media has become increasingly prevalent in our society. There is a lot to enjoy about the cornucopia of entertainment and information readily available at our fingertips. Unfortunately nothing is perfect and while social media can be fun, it is not free from any cons.  Body Image Struggles Photoshop, FaceTune—… Continue reading The Great Dangers of Social Media


How to Limit Your Screen Time

Things to do to Limit Screen Time One of my recent goals is to cut down on the amount of time I spend on my phone and computer. It has become habitual for me to grab my phone immediately upon waking up, and I want to change that. Here are some things I have come… Continue reading How to Limit Your Screen Time


“Social Media” Poem

Social Media By Ashley O’Hare A portal to another world; nothing here feels real. The pictures,  the stories— too perfect for my eyes. A cyber museum curated specifically for my kind— feeding on insecurities by design. Only 1% of those online will thrive. The remaining ninety-nine will join me in therapy, in church, on a… Continue reading “Social Media” Poem