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“Fall” (2022) Is An Exhilarating New Movie

Fall Movie Review (Spoiler Free) Title: Fall Genre: Thriller / Survival Released: August 12, 2022 Rating: PG-13 RunTime: 1 Hour, 47 Minutes Directed By: Scott Mann Starring: Virginia Gardner, Grace Fulton, Jeffrey Dean Morgan Available On: Starz, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video Summary:  Best friends Hunter and Becky have a history of participating in adrenaline spiking… Continue reading “Fall” (2022) Is An Exhilarating New Movie

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Horror Film “Frozen” (2010) is a Frightening Masterpiece

Frozen Movie Review Title: Frozen Genre: Horror / Thriller Rating: R RunTime: 1 hour, 33 minutes Released: January 24, 2010 Directed By: Adam Green Starring: Shawn Ashmore, Emma Bell, Kevin Zegers Available On: Tubi, The Roku Channel, YouTube, Amazon Prime Summary:  A group of three friends find themselves stranded on a chairlift, 50 feet in… Continue reading Horror Film “Frozen” (2010) is a Frightening Masterpiece