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My First Thoughts On HBO’s New Series “The Last Of Us”

HBOMax’s The Last of Us Series First Thoughts At the time of writing, the first three episodes of The Last of Us have been released on HBOMax. As a fan of the video game of the same name, it was a given that I would have to check out this television adaptation. Here are my… Continue reading My First Thoughts On HBO’s New Series “The Last Of Us”

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Netflix’s “Clickbait” Series is Truly Great

Netflix’s Clickbait Series Review Title: Clickbait Available On: Netflix Seasons: 1 Episodes: 8 Released: August 25, 2021 Summary: Clickbait is an eight episode mini-series that follows the story of Nick Brewer. When the generally well-liked husband and father turns up missing, an ominous video of him goes viral that threatens his life. Each episode follows… Continue reading Netflix’s “Clickbait” Series is Truly Great

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“Criminal Minds: Evolution” New TV Review

Criminal Minds : Evolution  On November 24, 2022 the revival of the hit show Criminal Minds released their first episode on Paramount+. It is labeled as the sixteenth season on Paramount with the first 5 episodes now available for streaming. Being a huge fan of the original series, I knew I would have to check… Continue reading “Criminal Minds: Evolution” New TV Review

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My Marvel Movie Concerns

My Marvel Movie Concerns I was late to the game when it came to becoming a Marvel fan. I started intentionally watching the films after Avengers: Infinity War was released. Catching up on the entire Infinity Saga was time consuming, but felt rewarding as it built up to Avengers: Endgame. Moving forward, I do have… Continue reading My Marvel Movie Concerns

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What You Need to Watch on Netflix This Halloween

What to Watch on Netflix This Halloween Halloween is right around the corner! Now is the time to hide under the covers with a show or movie perfect for the season. Whether you are a horror fanatic or looking for a movie that will not give you nightmares, here are some things you can watch… Continue reading What You Need to Watch on Netflix This Halloween

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10 Life Lessons in AMC’s “The Walking Dead”

10 Important Life Lessons in AMC’s The Walking Dead Years ago The Walking Dead was my absolute favorite show on television. Though I have not watched the latest seasons as the show comes to an end, there are some lessons that have stuck out to me in the earlier seasons of the show.  Warning: Spoilers… Continue reading 10 Life Lessons in AMC’s “The Walking Dead”

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Changes I Would Make to the “Gilmore Girls” Revival

Changes I Would Make to the Gilmore Girls Revival In 2016 Netflix released a four episode revival titled, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. I did not watch the original Gilmore Girls series until binging it in 2020, so I was able to go straight from the season 7 finale to episode 1 of… Continue reading Changes I Would Make to the “Gilmore Girls” Revival

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Why I Gave Up On “The Walking Dead”

Why I Stopped Watching The Walking Dead (Warning: Spoilers Ahead!) I first started watching The Walking Dead when it was entering its seventh season. All six completed seasons were on Netflix and I binged them to get caught up. The show quickly became my favorite and I couldn’t get enough. I even started reading the… Continue reading Why I Gave Up On “The Walking Dead”

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8 Important Life Lessons in “Gilmore Girls”

Gilmore Girls Life Lessons Gilmore Girls quickly became my favorite show. I have now watched the 2000’s drama all the way through five times. Though the comforting tone of the show is what initially gravitated me to watching it, the life lessons sprinkled throughout the seven seasons and revival have stuck with me the most.… Continue reading 8 Important Life Lessons in “Gilmore Girls”

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Seasons 1 – 3 of Grey’s Anatomy Are Fantastic

Seasons 1-3 of Grey’s Anatomy are Fantastic It would be nearly impossible to find someone who has not yet heard of the show, Grey’s Anatomy. The popular medical drama first premiered on March 27, 2005 and will be going into its nineteenth season on October 6, 2022. Nineteen season is an incredible achievement for any… Continue reading Seasons 1 – 3 of Grey’s Anatomy Are Fantastic